COVID-19 Task force Update

As you know that UBCA received a grant of $25,000 to help our community in this COVID-19 Pandemic. On July 6th, 2020, UBCA Executive and UBCA Task force had a meeting and drew a plan on how to use this Grant. Allow me to share with you what we agreed on.

  1. UBCA Task force is to continue with its program of reaching out to the community members affected by the COVID -19 pandemic by availing food, house supplies, masks/PPE’S, and a little cash.
  2. UBCA will avail Counseling &Therapy Services to community members that are struggling with depression brought about by COVID-19 and the lockdown. Therapeutic sessions be provided to these members by a contracted community psychiatrist or social worker who will provide counseling, therapy, and referrals.
  3. UBCA is to procure some Chromebooks for kids K-12 as Schools might not return to “normal” but continue online till next year. Some of our kids may need assistance accessing virtual classes.
  4. UBCA will be organizing “Pop-up” testing COVID-19 and information distributing events with support from partnering agencies.
  5. UBCA is to roll out a Bill Payment Rescue Program to help pay off some bills for community members that are severely affected by COVID -19 especially the sick ( COVID-19+) or just coming out of sickness and are struggling to clear bills like utility bills that have been piling up .
  6. UBCA is also going to carry out a COVID-19 sensitization program. This program is geared at educating the community on nutrition, health, hygiene, and other best practices to fight Covid-19. UBCA will work in partnership with health workers in the community and other specialists. This will be carried out on our community radio and TVs and other ways approved by the executive and the COVID-19 task force as the best ways to reach out to the community.

Many people have reached out to UBCA with Rent payment requests. Unfortunately, we cannot help with people’s rent, due to the limited resources at hand. However, our team tries to refer those with rent needs to programs that offer such help and recommend that they check their cities’ Websites, they might have some helpful programs.

Some of our programs are already ongoing. If you need help, please do call our helpline 1-508-468-1406.

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